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'Manifesting Your Best Voice'

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About your Bespoke Course

In your one-on-one singing course, ‘Manifesting your Best Voice’, you can design your OWN bespoke/custom vocal lessons in collaboration with the accomplished and award-winning vocalist & composer, Maham Suhail.
Maham herself sings in 8 languages, and across a few styles including and influenced by Semi-Classical ragas, Pop-Rock, Neo-Jazz and Soul music; She has music teaching and course-designing experience ranging from the Berlin Academy of Arts, to IB schools & universities, to SEND special homes, all the way to the mountain communities in Northern Pakistan! 🙂
An innovative teacher who has herself trained with top gurus from Pakistan and India (in-person), attended a Masters’ program at the Berklee College of Music, and attended and conducted workshops internationally. She has had online students on Skype, one of whose testimonial is given below.

Whether you are a practising vocalist/musician in Eastern or Western music, popular or devotional forms of music; or you are an existent or aspiring songwriter, or a music enthusiast, or a spiritualist finding your inner voice: THIS IS FOR YOU!
Book your FREE CONSULTATION CALL with Maham NOW, on the Calendly link below: And start a fun, exciting journey of vocal expression in your one-on-one, BESPOKE course with Maham Suhail herself as your instructor! 🙂


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Student Testimonials

Ali Shakir

Ali Shakir: Lahore, Pakistan

“Her passion for teaching
through breath and yoga techniques is driven by her core belief in the transformative power of music. 

My inspiration to join Maham was to be able to write melodies to my own poetry, and to sing the compositions. Her bespoke music classes have impacted my approach to voice and songwriting in a totally new way, that not only helped develop my musical skills; but also cultivated a sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and personal growth.”

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh: Reading, England

“My experience with Maham as a bespoke student of Kirtan/Sufi singing has been enriching. I play the bowed instrument, Dilruba, as an accompaniment to my voice. What I really like about Maham’s style of teaching is that she is very organized and attentive to detail. She’s an accommodating vocal coach, improvising techniques during classes to suit my comprehension & needs. She ensures that she delivers on my short-term goals, while keeping the long-term objectives in mind.

Maham has an approach that combines Eastern and Western styles of voice projection and intonation. Whether genre you want to sing, I highly recommend Maham’s classes!”

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