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Maham Suhail

A Versatile Music Artist

A versatile, award-winning performer, composer & producer. Maham’s repertoire spans across cross-cultural music, contemporary-folk fusion, field-recorded samples, and electroacoustic soundscapes. 

Maham sings in 8 languages; she has done considerable international collaborations, also curating live acts & events.

With songwriting and singing awards & honors received globally, she has had media/press presence across 10 countries. 



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World Fusion - Travel Compilation

'Mitti' Album

Maham’s World Fusion music album, ‘Mitti’, is a musical travelogue: a compilation of alternative Folk/Jazz/Blues Rock fusion recordings from Pakistan, the Indian Bengal, & Spain; produced by her (physically, also virtually) across 5 countries. ‘’Mitti’ (Urdu = soil) is a breeding ground for inter-cultural collabs, and a statement of self-empowerment and world peace.

(Mitti Album)
Classical Jazz Fusion
(Mitti Album)
Siraiki Folk Fusion
(Mitti Album)
Alt. Folk Rock
(Mitti Album)
Alt. Flamenco - Jazz
(Mitti Album)
Punjabi Gypsy Fusion
(Mitti Album)
Western Baul Fusion
(Mitti Album)
Western Baul Fusion

Contemporary Folk Fusion

'Pari Sufna' EP

‘Pari Sufna’ is a 5-track E.P. of Hunza-Punjab folk fusion: the mountains and the plains of Pakistan. An octa-lingual contemporary ethnic project with a contemporary, innovative take on music arrangement, created under Maham’s direction of her 24-piece ensemble for a live festival, afterwards taken by her to the studio(s) & to international music markets.

(Pari Sufna)
Lyric: Poorvi Punjabi
(Pari Sufna)
Lyrics: Wakhi + Persian
(Pari Sufna)
Lyrics: Shina + Gurumukhi
(Pari Sufna)
Lyrics: Brushiski + Urdu
(Pari Sufna)
Lyrics: Balti + Punjabi

Ambient / Experimental

Soundscapes, Field & Live Recordings

From processed, field-recorded samples in compositions, to instrumentals, live recordings of her voice, and Electronics, in contemporary, surreal, and Avant-garde contexts: Maham’s Ambient Experimental repertoire has pieces commissioned and used in radio shows, gallery installation, sync video sound, Theatre & live shows.

Field Recording Manipulation
Ambient Alt. Rock