The News International (Pakistan): The fusion sounds of Maham Suhail


Youlin Magazine (Pakistan): Maham Suhail's Musical Memoirs: Interview

Noods Radio’ (Bristol, U.K.): Interview & Live Music Set

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‘Aspen Waite Radio’ (Somerset, U.K.): Interview & Music Spins


World Music by Nagamag.com: ‘Spotify Playlist Placement’

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Cabinet of Curiosities (U.K.): ‘New, Vintage and Rare Sounds, with a Common Denominator, Quality’

Indie Planet TV (1)

Indie Planet TV (U.S.): ‘Free-Spirited Artist Maham Suhail Unveils New Track’

Indie Music Reviews

Indie Music Reviews (U.S.): ‘An Eccentric and Soulful New Flavor of Alternative Rock’

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Music News (U.K.): ‘International award-winner Maham Suhail releases new single ‘Exile To Space”


The Last Future (Spain): ‘Maham Suhail Presents ‘Exile to Space”


Como Las Grecas (Spain): ‘Interview with Maham Suhail’


Naga Mag (Russia): “Maham Suhail- invites you to plunge into….the Rhythms of DownTempo and throw out everything that prevents you from feeling free!”


Last Day Deaf (U.K.): ‘LLD chose 5 tracks from around the Globe!’

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Rolling Stone India : ‘ Global Artist Spotlight’


Propergaanda ( Pak. ): ‘Celebrating the Empowered Woman, ‘Mein Kamli Mastani’ Released’

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Patari Music: ‘Top 10 Charts, Nov. 2021’

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Boss Women Pakistan: ‘This Pakistani Celebrates and Empowers Women’


FM 91: ‘Mein Kamli Mastani’ Airplay & Interview by Dino Ali


Neo Pakistan Morning Show: ‘Mein Kamli Mastani’ Maham Suhail revealing


‘Cutacut’ Mag. (Pak.): ‘Maham Suhail’s ‘Pauna 6’ is a Spiritual Journey’


‘Daily Times’ (Pak.): ‘Maham Suhail Releases ‘Pauna 6’ from her Debut Album ‘Mitti’


Geo TV: ‘Geo Pakistan Ki Mehmaan ‘ Maham Suhail Interview


‘The Nation’ (Pak.): ‘Maham Suhail Announces Album ‘Mitti’’

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‘Eastern Eye’ (England): ‘As a Hippie Artist, my Goal is to help Build a Better World’


‘The News’: Maham Suhail

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‘Hello! Pakistan’: On Our Radar


‘The Nation’ (Pak.): ‘Spreading Words of Sufi Wisdom Through Song: Maham’

Screenshot_2020-12-28 Spotlight Interview With Maham Suhail

‘RAG (Recording Artists’ Guild) Talent’ (USA): ‘Spotlight Interview with Maham Suhail’


‘CBF Web Radio’ (Portugal): Maham’s Interview + ‘Sajjan Yaar’ Airpla

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‘The Nation’ (Pak.): ‘Maham’s Sajjan Yaar video release widely applauded’

Screenshot_2020-01-18 DW (Urdu)'s Story on Maham's Berlin Tour(1)

‘DW Urdu’ (Berlin): Maham’s Goethe Talents’ Residency Interview

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Maham Suhail, on her Production at Fusion Festival (Punjab-Gilgit-Baltistan), Feb 2017

Fusion Festival (Punjab-Gilgit-Baltistan): Maham Suhail, on her Production, Feb. 2017

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Documentary on Maham Suhail (by NCA Film Dept)

NCA Film Department: ‘Documentary on Maham Suhail’

Screenshot_2020-01-18 HUM TV's Video on Maham

HUM TV: ‘Video on Maham’

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Maham Suhail to perform at Mystical Sufi festival - Talk of the Town

Mystical Sufi festival:’Maham Suhail Performance’

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Young Pakistani musician showcases talent at music festival in Berlin

Music Festival in Berlin: ‘Young Pakistani musician showcases talent’

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Culture Circle Upcoming singer dabbles in an array of music genres

Culture Circle: Upcoming singer dabbles in an array of music genres

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Charting the rise of Maham Suhail

Charting the Rise of Maham Suhail

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Mystic Music Festival ends amid applause

Mystic Music Festival: Ends amid applause


Session V : Feb 12, 2016

Desert WInds, cover art

Scenes Less Seen: Mixed Media Digital Art Show by Maham Suhail, Mon 24th Nov, 14 Event-Lahore

Stranger, cover art option 2

“Kolkata Musicians are Underpaid: Maham Suhail”


Goethe Talents (Music) Scholarship: ‘Pakistan’s Maham selected’

Beat Poetry, NCA 2012

Voices against In tolerance


An experiment in the abstract: A look at the Scenes Less Seen

Screenshot_2020-01-12 #Worltour2015 Stracci della memoria in India - fattiditeatro

Worldtour2015 Stracci della memoria in India