‘CBF Web Radio’ (Portugal): Maham’s Interview + ‘Sajjan Yaar’ Airplay

“In this issue of Tradisom, the program is entirely dedicated to the
Pakistani Singer, Songwriter, Producer/Sonic Artist Maham Suhail, from
her interview when she was recently in Lisbon.
In Lahore she was initiated to World Music with Piano and Voice at an
early age, later performing & co-writing music at various music
festival/cultural/art/educational platforms in Pakistan, India &
Europe. This includes her introduction of the ancient Shabad Kirtan
(Sufic) form, as a performer, to the All Pakistan Music Conference
(Lahore) 2013 on-wards, releasing among other songs, an E.P. (titled
‘Pari Sufna’) of a self-produced Ethnic fusion project. Maham received
an Interfaith harmony honour for the former, and is recognized for
keeping alive older folk forms of music, in addition to writing original
Now studying a Music Production Masters in Valencia (Spain), and also
carrying all her experience and musical sensitivity Maham Suhail came
to Lisbon (Portugal) and talked passionately, on 7th January, about her
career with the Portuguese journalist Carlos Ferreira, a musician
himself who runs the online radio CBFwebRADIO (that only broadcast
traditional and world music 24 hours per day on cbfwebradio.com).
This was just three days before the release of her music video ‘Sajjan
Yaar’. This Modern Sufi song of hers features the folk artist Wahid Allan
Faqir, and was a winner at the Unsigned Only international music
competition (2019), with the video arousing views across the globe.”

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