Mystic Music Festival: Ends amid applause

LAHORE – The three-day Mystic Music Sufi Festival concluded on a rapturous note, bringing together a diverse group of Sufi singers and musicians to showcase the true spirit of artistic expression in mysticism.

The versatility of the performers in their delivery of Sufiana Kalam left the massive crowd spellbound at Alhamra Cultural Complex on Sunday.

The artistes that performed on the last day were Maham Suhail, Wahab Shah, Shah Jo Raag Fakhir, Taj Buladi, Shoukat Dholia, Karishan Laal Bheel, Sain Zahoor, Sanam Marvi and Abu Muhammad Fariq Qawal.

On the occasion, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop CEO Usman Peerzada said that this would be the last festival at Alhamra Cultural Complex. “We are finding a new venue because the audience has to face a lot of problems at this venue. There is a long journey to establish mystic music Sufi festival and I hope you guys will support us as always,” he said. He requested the audience to observe one-minute silence in the memory veteran artiste Qazi Wajid and rights champion Asma Jahangir.

The festival opened with a performance by Dhool orchestra. Their charismatic performance stole the show and made the audience dance to the drumbeats.

Maham Suhail’s mellifluous renditions rightly earned her the credit for placing the folk music on the country’s cultural radar. She grabbed the attention of the crowd with her melodious voice in collaboration with Mithun Sain and other group members.

Wahab Shah has worked as a choreographer to greats such as A R Rehman, Sonu Nigam, Usha Uthup, Stereo Nation and more on international tours. His performance at the festival was fascinating and amazing.

Shoukat Dholiya started playing Dhol in his childhood when he was just five years old. The popularity of Shoukat rose from the shrine of Baba Shah Jamal. He also won the award of China Centre that was awarded by Pak-China officials. He performed a dance and some stunts with his drumbeats that enthralled the jam-packed audience.

Krishan Lal Bheel from Cholistan can sing in all local languages but when he sings in marvai it brings out the true ethos of the land. He also dresses himself in the local costume and creates an aura through various aspects of his performance. He sang in a very stylised manner with his Aik tara, the traditional instrument, and kept the audience glued to their seats.

Sain Zahoor, Sanam Marvi, Abu Muhammad Fariq Qawwal had yet to perform when this report was filed on Sunday night.

Faizan Javed

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